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The Secret(Telugu)

Rhonda Byrne

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1 March 2023న పూర్తయింది
ISBN నంబర్ : 9788183221726
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This is the Telugu translation of THE SECRET. This book talks about an ancient secret, guarded and coveted by our ancestors and passed down through generations. Rhonda Byrne claims that if this ancient secret came across the hands of the right person, it could work miraculous wonders for that person. In this book, Rhonda unleashes the secret upon the world. This is the Marathi version of the bestselling book that has garnered positive reviews from all over the world. What The Book Talk About Rhonda Byrne pens her motivational self-help book, implementing components of psychology and the physics behind the psychology. The book's main theme is pertaining to the mutual law of attraction that applies to every single substance in the universe - what we get and what we don't get in life reflects our thoughts and our opinions. More significantly, optimism results in positive results and pessimism results in unwanted outcomes. The universe responds to our desires in accordance with the mindset we possess. The reader is also asked to believe a three-tiered process of ask, believe and receive. Explaining the three step process, Rhonda describes how a person who is thankful for his gains will be prone to receive more. It also talks about how a person who can imagine his desire and works towards it diligently, will enhance the universe to make his desires come true more fervently. Rhonda uses scientific concepts to explain the workings of the human mind; and in conclusion leaves the readers with the message that everything that we possess (our body, our wealth, our possessions, our health) is shaped by us. If a person uses the methods ascribed in the books and makes himself more positive-minded and in tune with the universe, the person can go on to achieve every single thing he desires. We do not yet know for sure how gratifying the secret really is in real life; but a fan base has been formed around who claims that 'The Secret' is so powerful that it can be used to cure cancer! However, Rhonda's inspirational guide has managed to support and help millions of people all over the world. Read more 

The Secret Telugu


రోండా బైర్న్ ద్వారా "ది సీక్రెట్" యొక్క తెలుగు అనువాదం ఒక సెల్ఫ్-హెల్ప్ పుస్తకం గా ఉంది. ఈ పుస్తకం వాటిని ఉత్సాహపరిచే ప్రాచీన రహస్యం ని వివరిస్తుంది మరియు వాటిని ప్రత్యేక వరుసగా పారకాలం నుండి సంరక్షించిన వారు దానిని నిలవడానికి ఉపయోగిస్తే వారికి అదృశ్య ఆశ్చర్యాన్ని కలిగించగలరు. రోండా బైర్న్ ఈ పుస్తకంలో ఉన్నట్లు మనసులను ఎలా కార్యకరించబోవుటకు సమానుల ఆదర్శ చిరునామాను అమలు చేస్తూ అది మన వాటిని సూచిస్తుంది.

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