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Ikigai : The Japanese Art of Living in Telugu (ఇకిగై : యవ్వనంగా ఉండటం...ఒక కళ వయస్సు పెరుగుతున్నప్పటికీ)

Keira Miki

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1 May 2023న పూర్తయింది
ISBN నంబర్ : 9789355992574
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What is Ikigai? Ikigai is the art of living life in a way that a person is always inspired to remain focused on their goal. The meaning of Ikigai is to make your life meaningful. The people who use the principles of Ikigai always wake up in the morning with a sense of meaning. This is the reason why, despite having been destroyed in the second world war, Japan did not only develop, but also became a nation of longevity. How was all this possible? This was only possible by adopting the principles of Ikigai. This book will not only provide you with theoretical ideas, but also how to lead the Ikigai life with practical examples. It is then that you will know what this Japanese way of living actually is. How the people of that country achieve their goals. How they scale great heights in society and achieve a high social standing. What do they eat that they are able to live a long and fruitful life. This book will help you live a successful life,a meaningful long life and achieve new heights of success every day, and you will enjoy it. Read more 

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