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Be Your Own Sunshine in Telugu (మీ స్వంత ... ఉండండి)

James Allen

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1 May 2023న పూర్తయింది
ISBN నంబర్ : 9789356845787
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This book consists of author's four works, 'As a man thinketh', 'From passion to peace', 'Man: King of mind, body and circumstance', and "Foundation stones to happiness and success'. It narrated about the power of positive thinking. Thoughts play a very important role in channelizing our system. The effect of thoughts is on our physical, mental, emotional, & social health. Or we can say it as an all-round personality is affected by our thought system. Author has focused on the power of positive thinking in this book.This book makes us free from the slavery of our negative thoughts. The best thing is, with all these aspects i.e., of four works, is surely going to help a lot to the readers. It creates a right balance of our thoughts and speech, which enhances our personality and makes our life comfortable and remains active, and full of enthusiasm.A must read book to make our tomorrow better and to move towards a beautiful life. Read more 

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